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Hemp for new global challenge - Slovenia, a diversity to discover


Education, research, competition, fair, profesisional workshops,

socializing, live transmission in more than 60 countries...





DSŠ Lendava

The official language of the

WORLD HEMP CONGRESS - Slovenia 2013 is English. 

Organisers of WORLD HEMP CONGRESS Slovenia 2012 | 2013 | Lendava, Slovenia connects high experts in the field of hemp and educates worldwide public, encourages development and gathers GLOBAL HEMP INNOVATION in the fields HEMP MATERIALS /HEMP PRODUCTS/ HEMP TEHNOLOGY/MEDICAL CANNABIS PRODUCTS/HEMP FOOD PRODUCTS /, in order to encourage the use of hemp throughout the world and remove the stigma ...from the name of the plant, which offers a man a wide range of healthy products and the possibility for rapid soothing climate change.

We enable incorporation with the world's most prominent hemp experts into event through LIVESTREAM transfer and thus an active participation and cooperation in the event around the world.

With WORLD HEMP CONGRESS Slovenia 2012 for the first time in world history we want to connect the world's population and with the raised money to support further development of innovations, development of a wide branch of hemp, international professional education and above all the establishment of the Project European Technology Development Centre of the Industrial Hemp introduced in its operations in social entrepreneurship.
WORLD HEMP CONGRESS - Slovenia 2013 will be broadcast in 50 countries around the world and will be tried in the event attract all the Heads of State and their working team in order to encourage the alignment of legislation, and to seek a way out of difficult climatic conditions and unreasonable laws on drugs . 

We would appreciate it if you could support us and enter into the world of hemp!


Through a varied program we selected GLOBAL HEMP INNOVATIONS of WORLD HEMP CONGRESS 2013 in technology and food, and experience the many instructive lessons, business contacts, opportunities... WORLD HEMP CONGRESS 2013 was broadcast on electronic connections with more than 17 mio. members LIVE, we were together in at least 72 countries around the world with highlighting the opportunities and drawbacks of cannabis into six thematic sections.

Thanks WHC visitors, speakers, sponsors and partners, and especially thanks WHC team. 

See you next year!

Majda Robić CEO / WORLD HEMP CONGRESS Slovenia 2013/ Panonia-Institute with WHC team



Rick Simpson / CANADA; Paul Benhaim / AUSTRALIA; Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc., P.Ag. B.GS. / CANADA; Majda Robić / SLOVENIA; Winston W Winston Wirht / SURINAME; Dejan Rengeo Univ. B.Sc.. AGR. / SLOVENIA; Karl Raab / AUSTRIA; Barack Obama / USA; Dr. Zsolt Nemeth / HUNGARY; M.Sc. Bianca Žvorc Moriss / USA / SI; Dr. Andreja Černak Meglič / SLOVENIA; Max Igan / AUSTRALIA –USA; Ratko Martinović / CROATIA; Tomaž Koren / SLOVENIA; Terry Barman / IRELAND; Stefe Miha / SLOVENIA / HONG KONG; Pulp and Paper Institute / SLOVENIA /EU; Gianpaolo Grassi / ITALY; Marjetka Jakob BA / SLOVENIA; Boris Banas / UNITED KINGDOM / SLOVAKIA; Friedrish Pinteritsch/ AUSTRIA;  Mr. Paul Benheim / AUSTRALIA; Mr. "Radical Russ" / USA; Mr. Ratko Martinović / CROATIA, Mr. Dario Cortese / SLOVENIA; Mr. Paul J. von Hartmann / CALIFORNIA / USA; All Gore / USA;  Mr. Tomaž Koren / SLOVENIA; Mr. Valerio Zucchini / ITALY; Mr. D. PAUL STANFORD / USA; Mr. Boris Banas / UNITED KINGDOM / SLOVAKIA; Mr. Miha Stefe MBA / SLOVENIA - HONG KONG; Sir Richard Brenson / USA; Mr. Diamantis Georgopoulos / GREECE; Mrs. Majda Robić / SLOVENIA / EU; Mr. Sani Okretič Resulbegović / SLOVENIA; Mr. Terry Barman / IRELAND; Mr. Green Sativssky / ISRAEL; Mrs. Maja Klemen Cokan / SLOVENIA; Jure Zubak B.Sc CROATIA / BOSNIA AND HERCEGOVINIA; Mr. Dr. S. Vizantinopoulos / GREECE; Mag.  Andrija Petrović / CROATIA; Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment Republic of Slovenia / SLOVENIA; Jure Zubak B.Sc / CROATIA / BOSNIA AND HERCEGOVINIA; Dr. Saša Štraus / SLOVENIA; Paul J. von Hartmann / CALIFORNIA / USA; Tjalling Erkelens / NETHERLANDS; William Courtney / CALIFORNIA / USA ; Niko Wagener  / LUXEMBOURG; Anton Balažek M.Sc - Mayor of Lendava / SLOVENIA; Stanislav Gjerkeš / SLOVENIA; Dejan Židan M.Sc  / SLOVENIA; Jožef Horvat / SLOVENIA M.Sc ; Andria Petrović M.Sc  /  CROATIA; Marko Močnik M.Sc / SLOVENIA; Slavko Škvorc / SLOVENIA ; Ian Jan /SLOVENIA; Blanka Denko Čeh / SLOVENIA; Jindřich Bayer /CZECH REPUBLIC; Borut Šket / SLOVENIA; Dr. Mihael Kasaš / SLOVENIA; Zlatko Razboršek / SLOVENIA; Srečko Koklič WACS Continental Director Europe – South / EU; Nobel Prize-winner dr. Mohammad Yunus / BANGLADESH; Maja Cokan - Agricultural and Forestry Chamber of Slovenia / SLOVENIA; Andrej Sušnik / SLOVENIA 




Organizer WORLD HEMP CONGRESS – Slovenia ask all participants to act comply with EU and RS  law for any possible violation shall not be liable. Project rights reserved. Panonia-Institute with WHC team.

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